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Welcome to the website of SIG Writing!

About SIG Writing

SIG Writing is a Special Interest Group of the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction (EARLI). SIG Writing has currently more than 130 members, and many more people participate in its activities. Participants come from all over the world, and include cognitive and social psychologists, linguists, educational and developmental specialists carrying out research into writing processes, as well as practitioners involved in developing writing at all levels of education.

> Latest news

Co-Ordinator and JURE Assistant Co-Ordinator 2017/21: Call for Candidatures
The SIG Writing co-ordinators serve for a period of four years and the term of Vince Connelly's position as co-ordinator will be complete at the EARLI Bi-annual conference in August 2017. The term of the junior (JURE) assistant co-ordinator Teresa Limpo will also be complete in August 2017. Therefore, SIG Writing needs a new co-ordinator and a new junior (JURE) assistant co-ordinator to serve with the remaining co-ordinator, Eva Lindgren. The post is an important one for the health and future of the SIG and involves working with colleagues across our group as well as liaising with the EARLI office in Leuven. Those who are interested in volunteering should send a letter of interest, a portrait picture, plus a short CV to current coordinators Vince Connelly (vconnelly@brookes.ac.uk) and Eva Lindgren (eva.lindgren@umu.se) by July 17th 2017. An election process will be put into place according to EARLI rules. The new co-ordinators will start their term at the at the SIG members meeting of the Biennial EARLI conference in Tampere in August 2017. See the complete call here.

  16th SIG Writing International Conference
We are happy to announce that the Sig Writing 2018 International Conference will take place in Flanders (Belgium) and it will be organized by writing researchers from three universities: Ghent University, University of Antwerp, and University of Leuven. The Sig Writing conference will take place from Wednesday August 29th until Friday August 31st 2018 at the University of Antwerp. The preceding Research School will take place at Ghent University from Sunday August 26th to Tuesday 28th. Read more about the call for contributions on the conference website www.sigwriting2018.com.
  SIG Writing BESST Award
Natalie Usher, from the University of Oxford, was recipient of the SIG Writing BESST Award 2016, with the short presentation titled “Using multiple sources of qualitative data to trace the impact of peer assessment on academic writing development”. Congratulations Natalie! Click here for further details on the award.

COST Action to Establish the ELN
Several SIG Writing members integrate the COST Action IS1401 - Strengthening Europeans' capabilities by establishing the European Literacy Network (ELN) aimed to join reading and writing research communities across Europe, by integrating their findings and aligning their agendas. Get more information about this Action here and contact Rui A. Alves if you want to participate in this large network.



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