ENGAGE STUDENTS – Promoting social responsibility of students

ENGAGE STUDENTS – Promoting social responsibility of students by embedding service learning within HEIs curricula



Comissão Europeia, Erasmus+


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  • Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti, Roménia (Coord.)
  • Dublin City University, Irlanda
  • CIIE/FPCEUP, Portugal
  • Kauno technologijos universitetas, Lituânia
  • Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Itália
  • Universität Wien, Áustria



Gabriel Dima, Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti, Roménia


Equipa portuguesa

Isabel Menezes (Coord.)
Sofia Castanheira Pais (Co-PI)
Preciosa Fernandes
Joaquim L. Coimbra
Cidália Duarte
Teresa Silva Dias
Rita Ruivo Marques



36 meses
1-11-2018 31-10-2021



The general objective of ENGAGE STUDENTS is to empower the social dimension of higher education by increasing its relevance for society through embedding service-learning as a common pedagogical approach within education and research practice.

ENGAGE STUDENTS is an outreach project, in which universities from 6 countries reach out to the community (local associations, NGOs, etc.). For this purpose, the project works with a) teachers,  b) students in higher education and c) community actors. Students can engage in community outreach if teachers - who teach in the regular curriculum - provide instructions and guidance how to do so. Teachers often lack methodologies to do this (service learning, project-based learning methodologies etc.).

Students gain practical working skills, are confronted with real-world challenges, and achieve results relevant for the labour market.

On the side of the community, they will benefit from evidence-based approaches with higher education institutions increasing the demand of research and teaching in adult education in community stakeholders. Community stakeholders are motivated to connect to higher education institutions, and thus adult education and higher education will meet here.

Moreover, the project will contribute to students' personal and professional development and the promotion of critical and engaged citizenship. Through service learning, the students will learn to exercise ethical, social and environmental responsibility and become responsible citizens making a positive difference to society in addressing the major local, regional and global challenges.

At institutional level, the project will enhance the infrastructure and methodology for service-learning and civic engagement and will foster the collaborations and support strategic service-learning and civic engagement partnerships.