HE4u2 – Integrating Cultural Diversity in Higher Education



Comissão Europeia, Programa Erasmus+ (KA3 – Support for policy reform, Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects)






Carme Royo, EUCEN – European Universities Continuing Education Network (Bélgica)



EUCEN – European Universities Continuing Education Network (Bélgica) (Coord.)
Université Catholique de Louvain (Bélgica)
National University of Ireland Maynooth (Irlanda)
University of Turku (Finlândia)
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Grécia)
CIIE/FPCEUP – Universidade do Porto (Portugal)
University of Vienna (Áustria)
University of Mainz (Alemanha)


Equipa portuguesa

Isabel Menezes (IR)
Amélia Lopes
Tiago Neves
José Pedro Amorim
Sofia Castanheira Pais
Alfredo Soeiro



36 meses
1-1-2016 – 31-12-2018



HE4u2 will contribute to the reform of teaching and learning in higher education and the improvement of the retention and attainment of migrants and ethnic minority students.

There is a clear need and demand for training of teachers in relation to migrant students, for reform in the delivery of support for these learners, and in the intercultural dimension for all learners. HE4u2 will develop an integrated pedagogical approach to the intercultural dimension of existing curricula, CPD courses for staff, and policy recommendations.

HE4u2 will focus on the curricula and the teachers of adults in HE: they often provide access for disadvantaged groups, are student centered, have specialised support, and links to regional agencies. There is a concentration of expertise, a capacity to respond effectively to new needs, familiarity with employers, and experience in staff development; there are internal and national networks (all members of EUCEN) for mainstreaming innovation and influencing policy.

The project will:

  • Produce a meta-analysis of best practice from relevant research and tools across Europe and survey current learners from diverse backgrounds to obtain their views on the most important features of the curriculum.
  • Design, test and finalise innovative pedagogy in 3 different curricula in each of the 7 partner HEIs/countries and elaborate guidelines for developing such curricula by HE teachers and other relevant staff in 3 languages EN, FR and DE.
  • Design, test and finalise CPD courses incorporating ECTS, for HE teachers, adaptable to other settings.
  • Produce an analysis of the policy process and a policy paper with recommendations for HEIs, national and European agencies.

At each stage, the partners will work with policy actors at national level and EUCEN will do this at European level; in-depth transnational consultations will maximise the impact of the project on the national systems of HE and on the European policy agenda.