LIBE – Supporting Lifelong Learning with ICT Inquiry-Based Education

Comissão Europeia, Lifelong Learning Programme




Università degli Studi Roma Tre (UNIROMA TRE, Itália)
Lillehammer University College (LUC, Noruega)
Birkbeck, University of London (BBK, Reino Unido)
Universiteit Twente (TWENTE, Holanda)
Universidade do Porto (UP, Portugal)


Equipa (FPCEUP)
Manuela Terrasêca (Investigadora Responsável)
João Caramelo
Susana Coimbra


31.01.2014 - 30.01.2016




It is arguably that the surplus of information available in the knowledge society, on a variety of devices and in multimedia formats, can have per se an immediate positive impact on learning. Other than basic ICT skills, the digital competence, intended primarily as the ability to retrieve information and to assess its suitability to learner’s needs, can make the difference in learning outcomes.

A learner-focused approach devoted to develop, consolidate and secure transversal competences in retrieving and selecting the text to read and/or data to analyze is the strategic element that can foster the passage between school and university, reducing drop-out rates, modifying the style of learning and nurturing an independent study through ICT in a lifelong perspective.

The project aims at designing, developing and try out, in 3 different countries in Europe (Italy, Portugal, Norway), an innovative e-learning management system devoted:

1. To develop key information processing skills for ICT (literacy, numeracy and problem solving), with an inquiry-based approach to learning, in low educational achievers aged 16-24 (Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci)

2. To produce a high level of personalization in learning, based on:

a. automated computer-based assessment (CBA) and computer adaptive testing (CAT),

b. an innovative way of delivering learning materials, through automated texts modulation, to reduce reading comprehension difficulties.

The project will provide a learning content management system in 4 languages (English, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian) devoted to information-centred courses to upper-secondary school, undergraduate students and unemployed young people. The innovative educational platform will use automated adapted algorithms in order to modify learning object contents according to learner’s lexical profile. The course will offer a full learning experience to improve learner skills into retrieve effectively specialized information on the internet.