CoPIn - Research Communities of Practice


At CIIE, it is in research communities of practice (CoPIn) (and project teams) that the day by day research activities are developed.

CoPIns are thematic, organised around one or more thematic areas of specialisation and research interests. They include senior and junior researchers  and students who meet regularly to discuss and submit research papers.

Each CoPIn includes a mentoring program: young researchers are supported in their PhD projects, training and career development.


Current CoPins are:

  • CAFTe – Curriculum, Assessment, Training and Technologies in Education
  • EIP – Teaching and Pedagogical Innovation
  • GAPE – Educational Policies Analysis Group
  • IDEAFor – Identity, Democracy, School, Administration and Training
  • JEDI – Youth, Education, Diversity and Innovation
  • PCEP – Participation, Communities and Political Education
  • PVI – Inclusion Policies and Voices: Diversity, Gender and Intersectionality
  • DeafCoPIn – Deaf Studies
  • TEDeMoS – Work, Education, Development and Social Movements