Avaliação Final da Estratégia Nacional de Educação para o Desenvolvimento 2010-2015

Final Evaluation of the National Strategy for Education for Development 2010-2015 



Portuguese Platform for NGDOs, on behalf of the ENED Monitoring Commission and with the financial support of the Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I. P.



6 months
Beginning: 27-1-2016
Ending: 26-7-2016


Alexandra Sá Costa (Coord.)
João Caramelo (Coord.)
Carina Coelho
Dalila Coelho
Francisca Costa
Isabel Menezes
Luís Grosso Correia
Teresa Medina
Luiza Cortesão (Consultant)
Carlinda Leite (Consultant)



The external evaluation of the National Strategy for Education for Development (ENED) was aimed at accountability and learning, with a participatory approach. The evaluation process had as its object and scope the five years of implementation of ENED (2010-2015), its development and monitoring processes, covering the period of time between the beginning of the execution and the date initially foreseen for its considering the entire national territory.

The evaluation had as principle the involvement of the greatest possible diversity of actors who participated in the implementation of ENED, in order to highlight a plurality of voices and meanings attributed to the action. The methodology involved the use of mixed methods - qualitative and quantitative - through the administration of a questionnaire to the promoters, interviews with key actors, documentary analysis and discussion of the preliminary report with the entities subscribing to the ENED action plan. The following were audited: i) representatives of entities subscribing to the action plan (ESPA) of ENED; ii) representatives of the various types of promoting entities, namely Higher Education Schools (ESE), Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDOs) and other civil society organizations; iii) responsible for monitoring and monitoring the ENED; and iv) political actors who supervise ENED.


Relatório da Avaliação Externa da ENED / ENED External Evaluation Report