BE PART Youth Led Development for Schools' Participatory Management




Erasmus+ Programme, European Commission (Key Action: Support for policy reform; Action Type: Social inclusion through education, training and youth)


Project number



Project coordinator

MentorTec – Serviços de Apoio a Projectos Tecnológicos, S.A, Portugal



  • MentorTec – Serviços de Apoio a Projectos Tecnológicos, S.A., Portugal (Coord.)
  • Action Synergy, Greece
  • Escola Pia Luz Casanova, Portugal
  • Escola Secundária de Paços de Ferreira, Portugal
  • CIIE/FPCEUP, Portugal
  • Platoniq Sistema Cultural, Spain
  • Valmieras Pargaujas sakumskola, Latvia
  • Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Greece


CIIE/FPCEUP research team

Carlinda Leite (PI)
Angélica Reis Monteiro
Amélia Lopes
Preciosa Fernandes
Amélia Veiga
Rita Barros (Postdoctoral research fellow)



36 months
Stard date 1-12-2019, end date 30-11-2022





BE PART - Youth-Led Development for Schools’ Participatory Management aims to develop, implement and evaluate an innovative participatory youth approach in regular schools, fostering inclusive education while promoting citizenship competences and youth empowerment, especially among students with disadvantaged background. The innovative participatory youth approach that will be designed in the project relies on 5 main concepts: Youth-led development, models of youth participation, co-creation, Project-based learning and youth empowerment. These concepts will assure the innovation on the promotion of the acquisition and development of students’ civic competencies:

  • Interacting effectively and constructively with others;
  • Thinking critically;
  • Acting in a socially responsible manner;
  • Acting democratically.

To accomplish this, the consortium defined a structure comprising 7 work packages:

  • WP1:Aiming at identifying the MYP to be approached in the project and establishing the students’ fellowships.
  • WP2:Dedicated to the capacity building of teachers responsible for the guidance and support of students.
  • WP3:Related to the implementation and testing of the MYP in the partnership schools.
  • WP4:A Youth Led Model will be prepared based in the experience of partners in the design/preparation, implementation and evaluation of MYP in the context schools, to be introduced to experts.
  • WP5:A set of resources, tools and activities were outlined in the project to support partners in the communication with main stakeholders, dissemination of the project’s results and activities and to upscaling the main deliverables of the project.
  • WP6:To guarantee that the project implementation is following the road map and timeline of the project, for one hand, and to guarantee the quality of the main outputs of the project, for another hand.
  • WP7:To ensure a proper implementation of the project’ work plan and guarantee the communication among partners during the implementation.