CoPPEECC – Building Pillars of the European Project with Education, Culture and Citizenship

'EDU Project': Project considered of educational interest by the General Directorate of Education 


European Commission, through CIEJD – Jacques Delors European Information Centre (Intermediate Office), Directorate-General for European Affairs/Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs


SDA/00111/2013 | CD.OP3-A4/2013


Principle Investigators (PIs)
Eunice Macedo
Pedro Ferreira


Research team
Helena Costa Araújo (consultant)
Tiago Neves
Andreia Caetano
Alexandra Oliveira Doroftei
Cristina Sousa (research assistant)
Rita Ramos de Sousa (research assistant)


3.2.2014 - 30.9.2014


The project 'Building Pillars of the European Project with Education, Culture and Citizenship' (CoPPEECC) is developed under the tender 'Educational Activities: Case Study: Education, Culture and Citizenship: Pillars of the European Project' , in response to the letter of invitation received from the Jacques Delors European Information Centre (CIEJD), Directorate-General for European Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CIEJD is the Intermediate Office responsible for implementing the Communication Plan for information about the European Union (EU) in Portugal, acting under delegation from the European Commission.

CoPPEECC follows up the project 'Construction of European Citizenship in Schools' (CIDEU) already completed, under the same vein. CoPPEECC addresses the design, production and implementation of an educational activity with the aim to inform, monitor and understand the evolution of knowledge of young people of secondary mainstream and/or vocational education towards the EU: its institutional architecture, powers and decision-making, and the exercise of EU citizenship, with an emphasis on the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament in 2014. Making resource to interactive methodologies, the project is free and open access, and is aimed at 11th and 12th grade young people, one school in each national district.