ECOAR_Employability and Skills through Art


Active Citizenship Program - EEA Grants


Project Coordinator

Maria João Mota (PELE - Associação Social e Cultural)



PELE - Associação Social e Cultural
DGRSP - Direcção Geral da Reinserção e Serviços Prisionais
Nordic Black Theatre - Norway



Tiago Neves



18 months
1-11-2014 - 30-04-2016


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This project is addressed to young people who are complying judicial measures deprived of their freedom both in  Educational Centers and in Prisons. We defined as priority criteria for the selection of participants: young people who are six months away to the end of serving their sentence, from unfavorable socio-economic contexts, with negative experiences in formal education, who have low levels of education and / or difficulty in remaining in a job.

The project is inspired by PEETA Project experience (Personal Effectiveness and Employability through the Arts) developed at Estabelecimento Prisional Especial de Santa Cruz do Bispo in 2012 and that is based on an methodology of evaluation and certification of soft skills aimed for employability through artistic tools.

Through an assessment based on observation, evidence collection, individual and collective feedback, self and peer assessment, the dynamics and creating art become an enabling tool as they are converted in Learning Goals orientaded to cross Employability skills: Effective Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Task Management and Learning and Reflection.


  • Assessment and certification of soft skills through artistic languages towards training and employability of young people in compliance with legal action;

  • Monitoring of participants by creating individual training / employment plans;

  • Training social workers and artists in these methods promoting their multiplication and dissemination at national and international level through international cooperation with Oslo Black Theatre.