A Educação para o Desenvolvimento no Ensino Superior Público em Portugal


Education for Development in Public Higher Education in Portugal: Representation Mapping and Analysis of Experiences



Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I.P.



12 months
Beginning: 1-10-2018
Ending: 30-9-2019


CIIE's team

Isabel Menezes (Coord.)
João Caramelo (Coord.)
Carla Malafaia
José Pedro Amorim
Norberto Ribeiro
Teresa Medina
Dalila Coelho (Research fellow)



This project intends to carry out a comprehensive study on the reality of Education for Development towards the promotion of a Global Citizenship (ED/ CG), with Portuguese public higher education students, composed of: (i) a survey on representations and concepts around ED/GC issues; (ii) and the study of four experiences (e.g., curricular units, short courses, projects...) already in progress and whose focus is the promotion of ED/CG. A report on the Portuguese situation in this matter and a set of recommendations from the research, policies and practices, and public discussion´s point of view will be produced from these studies.