Henrique Vaz

'Projecto Zero': A Escola no Teatro. Significado da Instância Trabalho numa Escola Profissional Artística: Estudo de Caso


Ph.D in Education Sciences
Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Coimbra, Portugal


José Alberto Correia


July 9, 2007


Curriculum Vitae



The following text presents an analysis of school work in a professional arts school, specifically in the realm of theatre education. In the first stage, the adopted research strategy – the case study – and the selected epistemological and theoretical perspective – symbolic interactionism – enable the framing of this research object in an inductive approach. A thorough analysis of the field data will then make possible the identification of the structuring elements of such research object.

In this way, understanding the observed reality allows the complexification of the proposed research object and, therefore, a better description of what defines it. The diversity of research instruments used to collect data – from naturalistic observation to documentary analysis, through interviews and surveys – tries precisely to account for that complexity, as it identifies a composite dimension in the research object.

The second stage of this text is more concerned with theoretical synthesis and construction. It seeks a more precise definition of the research object, which is at this stage labelled the 'work instance'. This 'work instance' is a process which, although always related to the Self in training, is not exhausted in a cognitive answer to the inquisitive knowledge (although school work involved a diversity of processes, they would be grounded on a univocal relationship between learner and contents to be learned). Rather, the 'work instance' portrays the training arena as an environment inhabited by other meaningful Selves, the learning arena as an exercise of citizenship.