Local Action and Fight Against Poverty and Social Exclusion

Instituto da Segurança Social


Main researcher
Tiago Neves


Research team
Isabel Cruz
Rosário Silva


09.12.2009 - 30.09.2010


From January 2010 to September 2010, this project gathered and analysed data from 12 municipalities in continental Portugal. Those 12 municipalities were selected on the basis of 3 previous studies: the typology of social exclusion in Portugal, elaborated by the Instituto de Segurança Social (2005); a report on municipal purchase power (INE, 2007); and a study on the quality of life in different municipalities (Manso and Simões, 2007).  Our own research was grounded mostly on interviews with local actors such as municipal authorities, not-for-profit associations, NGO’s, local development agencies, community groups, etc. The project identified and characterized the main features of local action in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, with a special emphasis on the issues of governance, participation, evaluation, and the future of local action.