Stephen R. Stoer Resource Centre

Established in 2008, the Stephen R. Stoer Resource Centre (CRSS) is a workspace created by CIIE, which provides the academic community, particularly its researchers and postgraduate students in Educational Sciences, with a set of resources, valences and equipment in order to foster and support research and training activities.

CRSS has a growing bibliographical collection, with a catalogue available online. CRSS incorporates a significant part of the bibliographic assets from Stephen R. Stoer, donated by his family. CIIE also provides its own editions – especially the Education, Society & Cultures (ESC) journal – the scientific productions of its researchers, a selection of periodic publications, resulting mainly from exchanges with ESC, and several Ph.D. and Master theses and other publications, on paper, CD-Rom and DVD.

As it was also created with the goal of organising and distributing the very broad work of Stephen R. Stoer, CRSS offers all of his publications, in a variety of media formats.

Responding to the social and educational priority of CIIE for inclusion and promotion of research and education for all, CRSS includes ICT tools and devices for students and researchers with special needs: Braille printer, JAWS software, OpenBook, etc.

It is also equipped with material for texts reproduction – a scanner and copier, a computer and conditions for the use of laptops and wireless access. CRSS also provides personalised support to researchers in the use of equipment and publication search.

The Multimedia Resources Centre is associated with CRSS, which has a video conference system that is accessible to the academic community.
CRSS works in close collaboration with the FPCEUP Library and Postgraduate Office.


When | Monday - Friday, 10:00am to 12:00am / 2:30pm to 6:00pm
Where | Room 118, FPCEUP, Porto, Portugal