DeafCoPIn - Deaf Studies


The research community of practice Deaf Studies (DeafCoPIn) belongs to the Centre for Research and Intervention in Education of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto (CIIE-FPCEUP). DeafCoPin is an open and dynamic community that aims to contribute to develop the area of Deaf Studies, namely through research and intervention projects, organisation of scientific events, supervision of academic works, collaboration with deaf communities, other entities and research networks at national and international levels, as well as with institutions for deaf education and higher education that share similar scientific and academic interests.

DeafCoPIn consists of CIIE's full member researchers, deaf and hearing researchers and collaborators in projects in course within the area of Deaf Studies, or that are developing their Master, Sandwich PhD, PhD and Post-Doc works within the Educational Sciences, teachers and other professionals from the areas of formal and informal deaf education, namely in the EREBAS (Reference Schools for the Bilingual Education of Deaf Students), as well as higher education teachers working in areas related to the Deaf Studies.



Círculo de Estudos Indisciplinares com Línguas de Sinais (Ceilis) - Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (Ufes), Brazil