IDEAFor - Identity, Democracy, School, Administration and Training



The Identity, Democracy, School, Administration and Training (IDEAFor) research community of practice is part of the Centre for Research and Intervention in Education of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto (CIIE-FPCEUP).

IDEAFor's main activities are the organization of projects, research’s debate, publication in scientific and dissemination journals, the promotion of initiatives in the field of school innovation policies and practices, the development of democratic thought and action and training of teachers for intercultural communication and social justice.

Intending to contribute to the scientific field of Educational Sciences, IDEAFor develops its work around the themes:

i) training and teaching profession;

ii) school, democracy and creativity;

iii) identities, rights and human training;

iv) transformations in higher education;

v) administration, government and educational management.

In this community, researchers, teachers, relevant community partners and students of the Master's and Doctoral Programs in Educational Sciences are brought together.