Academic qualifications

2013 – Master in Arts Studies, specialization in Theatrical and Performative Studies - Faculty of Arts of University of Coimbra, Portugal

2011 – Masters in Political and Citizenship Psychology - Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal

2005 – Degree in Psychology – aculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal



Doctoral fellow - fellowship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), co-funded by the European Social Fund, under the Human Capital Operational Programme (POCH) from Portugal 2020 Programme, within the Doctoral Programme in Education of the University of Porto [grant number PD/BD/135578/2018]



CIIE/Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal


CoPIn - CIIE's Research Community of Practice

JEDI - Youth, Education, Diversity and Innovation

PCEP - Participation, Communities and Political Education





+ 351 226 079 700 (ext. 288)




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Research interests

Communities, citizenship and political participation; Art and social change; Gender studies; Political and activist videogames; Videogame communities; Political education


Other activities

  • Member of the CIIE's community research JEDI: Jovens, Educação, Diversidade e Inovação [Youth, Education, Diversity and Innovation]



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Papers in peer-review journals

  • Pinto, Marta, Saldanha, Lucinda, & Ferreira, Pedro D. (accepted). Uso de videojogos no ensino superior em Portugal: Revisão de literatura [Use of video games in higher education in Portugal: Literature review]. Educação, Formação & TecnologiaScopus
  • Saldanha, Lucinda, Pinto, Marta, & Ferreira, Pedro D. (2018). Unmanned: Dimensão cívica e política de um videojogo [Unmanned: political and civic dimension of a videogame]. Revista Lusófona de Educação40, 181-197. doi:10.24140/issn.1645-7250.rle40.12 Wos; Scopus



  • Saldanha, Lucinda, Pinto, Marta, Malafaia, Carla, & Ferreira, Pedro D. (in press). LEG Book 3. Unmanned.


Book chapters

  • Saldanha, L.ucinda, Pinto, Marta, Malafaia, Carla, Ferreira, Pedro D. (2018). Case study: Unmanned. In John Adewole & Karen Schrier (Eds.), Learning, education & games, volume 3: 100 Games to use in the classroom and beyond. Editor: Karen Schrier.


Papers in conference proceedings

  • Santos, Hugo, Saldanha, Lucinda, Pinto, Marta, & Ferreira, Pedro D. (2018). Os videojogos sérios como uma tecnologia educativa: que potencialidades e limitações?. In Carlinda Leite, Preciosa Fernandes (Coords.), Carla Figueiredo, Fátima Sousa-Pereira, Francisca Costa, & Marta Pinto (Eds.), Currículo, Avaliação, Formação e Tecnologias educativas (CAFTe): Contributos teóricos e práticos (pp. 213-224, ISBN 978-989-8471-32-1). Porto: CIIE/FPCEUP.
  • Saldanha, L., Pinto, Marta, Ferreira, Pedro (2017). O uso dos videojogos no ensino superior: As dificuldades na perspetiva dos docentes. In Carlinda Leite (Coord.), Carla Figueiredo, Carolina Santos, Rita Tavares de Sousa, Marta Sampaio, & Rita Leal (Eds.), Ensino superior: Desafios e futuros (pp. 296-301, ISBN 978-989-8471-28-4). Porto: CIIE/FPCEUP.


Other publications