41º Congresso ISCHE - International Standing Conference for the History of Education (co)organizado por CIIE/FPCEUP


Com (co)organização do CIIE, o 41º congresso anual da ISCHE – International Standing Conference for the History of Education irá ter lugar na Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto entre 16 e 20 de julho de 2019, subordinado ao tema Spaces e Places of Education.

Os congressos anuais da ISCHE reúnem investigadores oriundos de todas as partes do planeta, sendo o evento científico mais importante a nível mundial no domínio da história da educação (cf. https://www.ische.org/).

Todas as informações estão disponíveis no site ISCHE 41.







The 41th International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE 41), the 2019 annual conference, will be held at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Porto from Tuesday 16th July 2019 to Saturday 20th July 2019. ISCHE 41 has for its theme 'Spaces and Places of Education'.
This conference seeks to engage with a ‘spatial turn’ in education attentive to the existence of multiple spaces (transversal, intersected, aligned, paradoxical, antagonistic, imagined, and virtual, for example). No matter the theoretical framework, this perspective invites scholars to address how contextualized and multi-scaled analyses of physical, conceptual, or imagined spaces and/or places can contribute to the history of education. In this fashion, ISCHE 41 encourages scholars to analyse a wide range of issues (social, cultural, political, economic, technological, pedagogical, material and subjective) that explain the production and organization of the public space of education, while also considering how educational actors read, experience and respond to specific contexts.

A consortium is responsible for the local organization of the ISCHE 41st Annual Conference:

  • CIIE – Centre for Research and Intervention in Education, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto
  • CIEd - Centre for Research in Education, University of Minho
  • CEIS20 - Centre for 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Coimbra
  • HISTEDUP - Portuguese Association for the History of Education



The organizers welcome topics that address the following themes (including transversal approaches), included under the conference’s general theme:

  • Nations, Empires and the geopolitics of knowledge and education
  • Circulations and connections: local, (trans)national and global cartographies
  • Contrasting spaces: urban/rural; centre/periphery; metropole/empire
  • Material, textual, imagined and virtual spaces of education
  • Educational places: memories, sensory and emotional experiences, interpretations
  • Spaces of critique: alternative educations and pedagogies
  • The politics of place: authority, citizenship, democracy, gender and empowerment



Luís Grosso Correia lgrosso@letras.up.pt or ische2019@fpce.up.pt


For further details please see ISCHE2019 website





The International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE) is an academic society dedicated to fostering research and enhancing intellectual exchange and cooperation among historians of education around the globe.

For additional information please see www.ische.org/