Education and Research on Social Inclusion in Europe: Taking Stock of an Experience


Tiago Neves, Wolf Bloemers, David Johnstone, António Magalhães, Leonor Cutileiro



This book is a product of a European teaching and learning project on social inclusion called European Perspectives on Social Inclusion, which began in 2001. It brings together 10 years of collective experience in transnational cooperation and networking of teachers, researchers and students of European universities. To be sure, there are other products – the handbooks for the courses, for instance. However, this is a special product in the sense that it is collective reflection on the whole process that has taken place, while at the same time it seeks to leave the doors open for future developments. Therefore, in addition to being a product, this book is also part of the process itself. (...)



Editor: Livpsic
Coleção: Livpsic - Ciências da Educação
Data: Abril 2012
ISBN: 978-989-8148-98-8