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Seminar with Teachers for "Preventing Gender Violence in Family and in School"  – FPCEUP/2013 | 17 November

In the FPCEUP, 17th of November, the Final Seminar with Teachers for "Preventing Gender Violence in Family and in School" where the school teachers teams and other experts presented their research and intervention in schools [see Program]. 

Maria José Magalhães presented a paper under the title "The Concepts and the Prevention of Gender Violence". 


International Seminar: "Género, Violência e Estrutura Social" - 17 April 2012, 18h30

Professor Margarida Louro Felgueiras – FPCEUP, Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Professor Neuza Farias de Araújo – Universidade de Brasília, Brasil:
"Trabalho informal, género, discriminação e violência"

Professor Maria José Magalhães – FPCEUP, Universidade do Porto, Portugal:
"A violência de género em tempos de crise: o impacto da estrutura social capitalista e patriarcal sobre a
violência no seio das relações de intimidade"

Poster (PDF)

Paper "Burnout in professionals atending victims of gender violence: a quantitative study"
by Maria José Magalhães, Ana Isabel Forte e Cristina Queirós

Ist Working Working Conditions International Congress, RICOT -15th & 16th Sept 2011

The focus of this paper is in the prevalence of burnout in professionals working with victims of gender violence. The prevalence of this phenomenon seems to be higher in caring professions (Maslach & Schaufeli, 1993; Pines & Aronson, 1981). Working with users in suffering may be a relevant source of stress and a risk factor for burnout (Freundenberger, 1974; Maslach & Jackson, 1981). In this way, in this study,  it was intended to analyse, in professionals' discourses, the perception of work impact in personal live of professionals working in shelters and service centers in Portugal. The findings pointed out that, concerning the dimensions of burnout, it is possible to understand that burnout is at high risk of installation in this group of professionals.

1st Congress RICOT Progam (PDF)

International Workshop "Love and Fear in Intimate Relationships" - 28th January 2011

In this workshop, it is intended to present the work in progress of the Project "Love, Fear and Power: pathways to a non violent life", concerning the evaluation of the services to care for women victims of gender and domestic violence. This evaluation is based on the perspectives of the professionals and directions of the institutions and organizations. The analysis of the discourses constitutes a way of mapping either the institutions and the discoursive practices, methodologies, philosophies and procedures in assisting the victims / survivors of gender and domestic violence, as well as the social representations of their own eficacy and results in their work, either from the staff either from the direction boards. As Berger & Luckmann (1996: 51) state language is crucial to understand the ways "common objectivations of everyday life are maintained primarily by linguistic signification. Everyday life is, above all, life with and by means of the language I share with my fellowmen[/women]". In this way disurses are crucial to understand social practices and power relations (see also Ifversen, 2003).

Poster (PDF)

Berger, Peter L.  & Luckmann Thomas (1996), The Social Construction of  Reality, New York: Anchor Books.
Ifversen, Jan (2003) "Text, Discourse, Concept: Approaches to Textual  Analysis", KONTUR nr. 7, pp 60-69.

Research Workshop of the Project: Meeting with Consultants - 19th March 2010

This workshop aimed to meet with the consultants of the Project "Love, Fear and Power" — Dr. Carol Hagemann-White, University of Osnabrück, Cermany, and Dr. Sofia Neves, ISMAI, Portugal, in order to built the theoretical framework of the Project, namely about the intervention and support to women who experienced or experience gender and domestic violence, taking in account the diversity of their experiences. This workshop also constituted an opportunity to know the possibilities for using artistic tools, namely theatre, for emancipatory strategies, by Dr. Poliksena Kostova, University of Sofia. 
The papers and the debate allowed to reflect upon social responses to women and children across Europe (Kelly, Hagemann-White, Meysen & Römkens 2011; Schröttle et al., 2006). I also provided insights to think about the need of disciplinar transversality (Neves e Nogueira 2003), to evaluate services in Portugal and to reflect upon the procedures to elaborate life histories with women. 
Moreover, it was also debated the role of education in social transformation concerning this social problem (Magalhães, Silva e Costa, 2008; Pinto, Brasil, Magalhães & Fernandes 2002).

Poster (PDF)

Kelly, Liz, Hagemann-White, Carol, Meysen, Thomas & Renée Römkens (2011) Realising Rights: Case Studies on Responses to Violence Against Women and Children in Europe, London: CWASU. 
Magalhães, Maria José, Silva, S. e Cecília Vieira Costa (2008) "Contributos para uma Educação para a Não Violência"
http://www.ipfp.pt/cdrom/... retrieved in March 2012. 
Neves, Sofia & Conceição Nogueira (2003) "A Psicologia Feminista e a Violência Contra as Mulheres na Intimidade: a (Re)Cosntrução dos Espaços Terapêuticos", Revista Psicologia & Sociedade, 15 (2): 43-64. 
Pinto, H., Brasil, E., Magalhães, MJ & Fernandes, L. (2002) "ONG de mulheres e a luta contra a violência contra
as mulheres e crianças no seio da família", in Actas do Colóquio Internacional “Família, Género e Sexualidade nas Sociedades Contemporâneas” Lisboa, Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia, 2002  http://www.aps.pt/cms/docs_prv/docs/DPR49f7335f09c55_1.pdf, retrieved in March 2012.
Schröttle et al. (2006) "Comparative reanalysis of prevalence of violence against women and health impact data in Europe – obstacles and possible solutions. Testing a comparative approach on selected studies", CAHRV, European Comission.

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