Doctoral Program in Education

"the university in the Europe of knowledge is simultaneously a systematic producer of knowledge, a celebration of cultural and knowledge diversity, a worldwide presence of the web of informational capitalism and one of the meeting places and crossing points for differences and for negotiation between them, where all actors constitute differences, ourselves included"

Steve Stoer (2006, p. 316)

7 things that you can expect when you join us...

  • A broad vision of education involving formal, informal and non formal education and a diversity of specific topics
  • A high-quality training in research methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative
  • A fundamental concern with the quality of supervision, including both individual and collective spaces
  • A close connection with the research environment of CIIE
  • Integration in a Research Centre with “Excellent” rating attributed by FCT
  • The recognition as a FCT Doctoral Program evaluated by an international panel as "an exceptionally strong educational sciences program"
  • A truly international and intercultural environment where students from diverse origins - in terms of both geography and discipline - debate current challenges in the field of education

Meet our former and current students

  • Marta Sampaio

  • Thiago Freires

  • Teresa Silva Dias

  • Sofia Pais

  • Cosmin Nada

  • Eric Many

  • Elisabete Carvalho

  • Ricardo Morales

Contact us

Post-graduation office

Course Director

Tiago Neves