Doctoral Programme in Human Sexuality

How to apply

The applications are submitted online at FPCEUP's website. (

  • Numerus clausus (2019/2020): 20 (of these, 5 are exclusively destined to applicants with scholarships who have not been selected to the Programme through the regular application)
  • 1st phase: 10
  • 2nd phase: 5 + unfilled vacancies from the previous phase

Aplication Dates

  • 1st phase: 2nd January until 1st of March 2019
  • 2nd phase: 2nd March until 13th of May 2019

Access requirements:

In accordance with Article 5 of the Regulations for the Third Cycle of Studies of the University of Porto. (link)

Selection and ranking criteria:

Ranking obtained through the analysis of the CV, motivation letter and, eventually, an interview.

  • 1. Training activities: 25%
  • 2. Research activities: 25%
  • 3. Motivation letter: 50%
*Candidates with a final result below 40% will be excluded

Formalisation of the application:

The application is submitted online at FPCEUP's website (access via To be valid, it must have the following documents attached:

  • 1. Academic certificate(s)
  • 2. Curriculum Vitae Link
  • 3. Motivation letter (Justification of the interest in applying) Link
  • 4. Application form Link
  • 5. Additional online form Link
Note: This form does not substitute the application online here. The application will only be valid after submitting both forms and the additional required documents, as well as the payment of the application fee.


Postgraduation Office

(+351) 220 42 89 20