Doctoral Programme in Human Sexuality

Study in DPHS

The Doctoral Programme in Human Sexuality consists of:

1) A doctoral course (does not award a degree), consisting of an organised set of curricular units corresponding to 60 ECTS. Provides an advanced diploma course (non-degree awarding) in Human Sexuality;

2) A flexible non-specialized curriculum, but organised around five thematic areas with a total of 120 ECTS, of which 90 ECTS correspond to the preparation and public discussion of a thesis. The five thematic areas are: sexual education, gender, sexual medicine, sexual and reproductive health and clinical sexology.

1st year curricular units (CU) cover a number of structural thematic areas in the training of human sexuality, aimed at developing skills in nuclear issues in the main areas that structure sexology as a multidisciplinary science (e.g., psychology, education, medicine, social sciences) as well as gender studies and sexualities, of an interdisciplinary nature.

On the other hand, the curriculum of the DPHS is strongly oriented to the development of high quality scientific research and production skills. In the 1st year, the curricular units Research Methods I and II and Project Seminar, aim to contribute to the development of skills for designing and implementing a high quality scientific research project. For this reason, by the end of the 2nd semester of the 1st year, students must hold a Graduation Upgrade, where they present and discuss their research project with a jury appointed by the Scientific Commission of the PhD programme, whose approval is necessary to proceed in the study programme.

The curricular structure of DPHS also includes, from the 2nd year on, a set of curricular units (CU) and seminars (Research Seminar I and II, Scientific Writing Seminar, Dissemination of Research Work I and II), making a total of 30 ECTS, which are exclusively intended to support the development of the thesis work (90 ECTS). These CU have the primary purpose of promoting the scientific production of doctoral students, with special emphasis on the publication of articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Study Plan

Curricular Units ECTS
1st semester Research Methods I 12
History, Anthropology and Sociology of Sexuality 3
Psychological Models of Sexual Response 3
Sexual Medicine 3
Gender and Sexualities 3
Development, Conjugalities and Sexual Wellbeing 3
Sexual and Reproductive Health 3
2nd semester Research Methods II 12
Sexual Problems: Assessment and Treatment 6
Gender Identities and Transsexualities 3
Violence and Sexual Compulsivity 3
Sexual Education in School and Community Context 3
Project Seminar 3
2nd and 3rd year Scientific Writing Seminar 12
Dissemination of Research Work I 6
Dissemination of Research Work II 12
Thesis 90


Postgraduation Office

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