It is with profound sorrow that we share the sad news of the departure of one of the biggest figures in the history of modern sexology.

Richard Green passed away this weekend in London at the age of 82.

This is to express our gratitude to all that Richard Green has made for the benefit of sex research, sexual health, and sexual rights.

Richard Green was like the Hirschfeld of the 20th century second half.

In fact, Richard Green was not only a world known sex researcher, but also an activist for sexual health and sexual rights for the last six decades. He made several contributions for the development of the field, publishing extensively on subjects like sexual orientation and gender identity. Moreover, he was also a pioneer in building scientific and professional organizations in the field of sexology. He founded in 1971 one of the most reputable scientific journals in the field (The Archives of Sexual Behavior) and was one of the founders and first president of the International Academy for Sex Research in 1975. He was also among the founders of the World Association for Sexual Health in 1978 (elected as a member of the first WAS executive committee). Finally, he was an activist for sexual rights and played a very important role in the depathologization of homosexuality (removed from the DSM in 1973).

He was a brilliant thinker, always sharing his ideas, concerns and critics honestly and openly. He was always ready for a good theoretical and scientific discussion with the same energy and enthusiasm as for any other trivial discussion. He was full of energy and willingness to continue giving and living despite anything.

Half a year ago, despite his debilitating health condition, he did all he could to travel to University in Porto to present the closing lecture at the Inauguration session of the first PhD in Human Sexuality. He was definitely happy to share his knowledge and life work with a large number of young people at the start of their careers. The standing ovation he received at the end surely was a source of energy that kept him feeling alive.

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The Research Group in Human Sexuality conducts research in the area of sexuality with a special focus on themes associated with sexual dysfunctions, sexual risk behaviors, compulsivity, and sexual assault, as well as the dimensions associated with the determination of sexual response, sexual satisfaction, and well-being. The studies conducted by the group usually have implications at the level of understanding, prevention, and treatment of sexual problems but also at the level of promotion of sexual health in general. With this aim, the main objective of the Group is to conduct research of cross-sectional, longitudinal, and experimental nature in different aspects of human sexuality.

The group has established a research laboratory in human sexuality (SexLab) that is unique in Portugal allowing conducting experimental and psychophysiological investigation on different aspects of human sexuality. The lab is part of the international network "SEXLAB", coordinated by Erick Janssen from the Kinsey Institute (USA) composed of 11 laboratories that work in this area around the world