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SIG Writing

SIG Writing is a Special Interest Group of the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction (EARLI). SIG Writing has currently more than 130 members, and many more people participate in its activities. Participants come from all over the world, and include cognitive and social psychologists, linguists, educational and developmental specialists carrying out research into writing processes, as well as practitioners involved in developing writing at all levels of education.

According to EARLI standing orders, each SIG has two coordinators assisted by a junior assistant coordinator, who come from countries reflecting the variety of its members' origins. Currently, Vincent Connelly (Oxford-Brookes University, UK) and Eva Lindgren (Umeå University, Sweden) are the two SIG's coordinators, and Teresa Limpo (University of Porto, Portugal) is the junior assistant coordinator.



The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) enables more than 1000 members from 40 countries to engage in critical dialogue. They systematically exchange and discuss ideas on instructional and educational research, as well as research on industrial training. For these scholars, drawn from all parts of Europe, EARLI provides a platform on which to make a significant contribution to current debates.

EARLI organises different events: the biennial conferences, which take place every uneven year, the Advanced Study Colloquia (ASC), the JURE conferences and the PBPR/EAPRIL conferences. Click here for more information on these events.



To join SIG Writing, you have first to join EARLI and then indicate you want to be a member of the SIG Writing (and possibly of other SIGs as well). A membership application form can be found here. Membership to EARLI costs 190 Euros per 3 years (for junior researchers, 35 Euro per year), with an additional fee of 8 Euro for each SIG. The fee includes a subscription to EARLI's flagship journal Learning and Instruction (6 issues per year) and many other benefits.

We strongly encourage all researchers and students who participate in SIG Writing’s activities to register for membership!


Honorary Membership

In 2013, SIG Writing decided to acknowledge writing researchers that made distinctive and outstanding contributions to the field. At the 13th SIG Writing Conference in Porto, Pietro Boscolo and Michel Fayol were distinguished as the first honorary members. At the 14th SIG Writing Conference in Amsterdam, Linda Allal and John Hayes were also awarded honorary membership.

Pietro Boscolo
University of Padua

Michel Fayol
University Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand

Linda Allal
University of Geneva

John Hayes
University of Carnegie Mellon



As early as 1988, Pietro Boscolo and Michel Fayol took the initiative to found SIG Writing. The first meeting was held in the same year at the university of Padova. SIG Writing quickly prospered towards a stable and active as well as growing community of researchers from many different countries inside and outside of Europe. Following Pietro Boscolo (Italy) and Michel Fayol (France), previous coordinators have been Thomas Jechle (Germany), Eric Esperét (France), Liliana Tolchinsky (Spain), Gert Rijlaarsdam (Netherlands), David Galbraith (United Kingdom), Linda Allal (Switzerland), Joachim Grabowski (Germany), Åsa Wengelin (Sweden), Denis Alamargot (France), Barbara Arfé (Italy), and Rui A. Alves (Portugal). Information about the previous SIG Writing conferences can be found here.

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