Porto • Portugal

2 - 5 September

Welcome to EARA 2020 Online Conference!

The organizing committee of EARA 2020 together with the EARA direction board are happy to announce that we will meet in September as planned in the 17th EARA conference in an innovative and adjusted online format. The conference will start on the afternoon of Wednesday, 2nd and end on Saturday evening. The conference platform is hosted in the AWS Cloud, a flexible and secure cloud computing environment.

To ensure that participants are focused on knowledge sharing and discussion, rather than the technology itself, presenters will be asked to pre-record their presentations and be available to interact in a “chat /discussion mode” at a specific timeslot. We will count on the support of an experienced tech company that will provide personalized assistance before, during and after the conference to all speakers.

Besides an exciting scientific program, we are working on an attractive social and cultural program. We are committed to make the 17th EARA conference a pleasant and joyful experience along with fruitful scientific debate.

We reduced the fees and extended the early bird date to June 7th. The previous announced EARA travel awards will be converted in conference awards, supporting 50 grants of 100€ for young scholars.

THEME: Adolescence in a rapidly changing world capturing the contemporaneous accelerated pace and global impact of change in adolescents’ lives. We want to address how changes in broader systems (i.e., globalization, immigration policies, climate and demographic changes, gender/work roles, technology) impact on adolescents’ developmental tasks and trajectories, as well as how adolescents, and the microsystems in which they are embedded (families, schools, peers, communities, …), act as agents for social and developmental transformation. We aim to bridge approaches, advancing on the interdisciplinary and translational study of adolescence, and welcome researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and around the world.

Looking forward to virtually meeting all of you.

The conference organizing committee.

Chair: Paula Mena Matos

Paula Mena Matos


Dear all

As you certainly understand, moving to an online format was not an easy decision.

We had to consider several variables in the equation for reaching a definitive decision and an important one was the financial feasibility of the conference.  Although budget for meals and facilities no longer is an issue, we maintain the costs with the company processing the submission and registration platform and costs with the website design and other dissemination instruments. However, most importantly, we had to hire the services of an experienced company that grants us that the conference will run smoothly and without major technical problems.

This kind of services is high-costing, in large part due to the number of technical staff supporting the conference. We will have one technician monitoring each session, and, as you certainly know, usually we have about 9 sessions occurring simultaneously. Also, we will have a technical team working closely and individually with all presenters, discussants and moderators before and during the conference. This team will have individual meetings, will pre-record all presentations and run all kind of tests.
We have analysed different budget scenarios regarding the number of expected participants (which is still uncertain) and we managed to reduce all the fees on 30%. However, we still need a significant number of attendees to avoid a financial slippage.
We are doing all our best to accommodate this new situation, and hope that the conference will meet your expectations.

Warm regards
Paula Mena Matos & the Organizing Committee



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