Individual Paper Sessions

Papers are oral presentations of about 15-20 minutes. An audience discussion will follow each session during which four or five papers are presented. The total duration of a Paper Session will be 90 minutes. The organizing committee will attempt to put individual papers together in sessions on the basis of thematic convergence between the different contributions.

Individual paper guidelines

Proposals should include:

- The title of the paper

- The name and affiliation of the author(s)

- Email address for correspondence

- An abstract of the paper (word limit: 250 words)

- 3/4 key words

- A summary ( 500-1000 words) including the aims, methods, outcomes, and theoretical and educational significance of the research.

- If the abstract and summary exceed the above-mentioned word limits, the proposal may be rejected.

General Instructions:

In writing the abstract and summary in all session types, please use the following format:

Figures, tables and illustration should be placed in the main text body and given a clear caption and their layout should be according to APA 5.0.

Provide references according to APA 5.0.

In case an aspect is not covered by the above guidelines, follow APA 5.0. guidelines

In rtf or doc format.

Criteria for Submissions:

Submissions need to be empirical in nature. This implies that at least some data would need to be shown and described in the submitted abstract.

Individuals can submit only one paper or poster as the first author, although they can also serve as a co-author on multiple submissions.

Proposals should be submitted by e-mail to

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