Application to the 3rd Summer School on Motivation
To apply to the 3rd Summer School on Motivation, doctoral students will submit proposals closely related to their own doctoral research projects.

Deadline for proposals |
January 21, 2010

Confirmation of proposal acceptance |
March 31, 2010

The proposals should consist of:

a. A proposal cover page
- The title of your proposal in capital letters, bold
- Your full name (and co-workers, e.g. supervisors)
- Your affiliation (name and country of Institution) in Italic types
- Your e-mail address
- Key words
b.  Abstract, summary, and motivation letter
b.1. An abstract (250 words at maximum) and an extended summary (1000 words at maximum, excluding references, and detailing the aims, methodology/research design, outcomes, and theoretical and educational significance of the research); if the summary exceeds the above-mentioned word limits, the proposal may be rejected.
b. 2. A letter from the doctoral student’s supervisor indicating the state of the doctoral studies
b. 3. A brief letter of motivation to attend the Summer School

General Instructions:

In writing the proposal, please use the following format:
- Font: Times New Roman, 12 points
- Double space between lines
- Left justification
- Figures, tables and illustration should be placed in the main text body and given a clear caption and their layout should be according to APA 5.0.
- Provide references according to APA 5.0.
- In case an aspect is not covered by the above guidelines, follow APA 5.0 guidelines
- In rtf or doc format

Review process:

The proposal will be accepted based on the judgement of two reviewers (Summer School teachers). For acceptance your proposal should fulfil the following criteria:
- Research in the field of motivation and emotion
- Clear theoretical grounding of the research
- Clear definition of the research questions
- Clarity of the research design (research design, method, quality of data source)
- (Planned) Data analyses and interpretation (data analysis, relationship of conclusions to findings, generalisability or usefulness of findings or concepts)
- Presence of a critical reflection (on the research topic, research questions, design, methodology, relevance or results)
- Significance for practice and/or theory development in the field of motivation and emotion
- Clarity and structure of proposal

Presentation guidelines

Presentation of Ph.D. Students’ Projects:  Each oral presentation lasts 15 minutes followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion from the audience. In the last 15 minutes of the session the discussant will raise final points for discussion with the presenters and the audience.

The session room will be equipped with an overhead projector and a beamer + PC. If you want to give a power point presentation, make sure to bring your presentation not only on USB-pen. Bring 20 copies of your paper for the audience. In addition (or alternatively), you can bring hand-outs of one A4 page containing the title, abstract, and your contact information, so that people can e-mail you after the conference when they want to read the full paper.

Proposals shoul be submitted by e-mail to


The Summer School will be held at the Faculty of Psychology and Education (Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto). Participant students will be accomodated in a walking distance (2 minutes) student residence.

Registration fees cover all three days of the Summer School, accommodation for three nights (from August, 29, 2010 to August, 31, 2010), and full-board. Furthermore, ICM participation is included.
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