SIG Writing 2012 Program Overview


Detailed Program

A detailed program is available here for online consultation and download.


Keynote speaker and Hayes Lecture

We are pleased to announce that the keynote speaker at the SIG Writing 2012 conference will be John R. Hayes. Hayes is arguably the most influential cognitive writing researcher. We feel very honored that he accepted to deliver the keynote lecture at Porto.

At Porto we are initiating the John Hayes lecture which, at each new SIG Writing Conference, will be given by the previous recipient of the John Hayes award. We are delighted to announce that the first Hayes lecture will be delivered by Ronald T. Kellogg.

  John Hayes  

John Hayes is professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA). Engaged in writing research since 1979, he has been concerned both with the creation of frameworks to describe the global organization of the cognitive and affective aspects of writing and with the analysis of specific writing issues. He and his colleagues have created models for sub-processes such as planning and revision, applied think-aloud protocols to clarify public texts, designed strategies for teaching revision to college freshmen, discovered how texts convey an impression of the writer’s personality to readers, tested the reliability of teacher’s evaluations of student texts, assessed technical writing instruction, evaluate the impact of linguistic experience in writing, and explored language bursts to identify bottlenecks in the writing process. Recently he has turned his attention to creating model of the writing processes of primary and secondary school writers—models that suggest a reinterpretation of Bereiter and Scardamalia’s knowledge-telling model.

  Ronald T. Kellogg  

Ronald T. Kellogg received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in experimental psychology and holds the rank of Professor of Psychology at Saint Louis University. Author of The Psychology of Writing (1994), Cognitive Psychology (2003, 2nd Ed.), and the Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology (2011, 2nd Ed.), his research currently focuses on the role of working memory in text composition and writing expertise. He is a consulting editor for the American Journal of Psychology and also serves on the editorial board of Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal and the Journal of Writing Research.

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