Psychology Doctoral Programme

Study in PDP-PRASI


Curricular structure of the PDP-PRASI
SemestEr Curricular UNITS ECTS
1st Project Seminar I 12
Research Methods I 12
Advanced Topics in Psychology I 6
2nd Project Seminar II 12
Research Methods II 12
Advanced Topics in Psychology II 6
3rd Research Seminar I 18
Scientific Writing Seminar 12
4th Research Seminar II 24
Dissemination of Research Work I 6
5th / 6th Dissemination of Research Work II 12
Thesis 48

PDP-PRASI has four specific scientific areas within which the doctoral research projects are organized under the supervision of teachers and researchers. These specific areas are:

Scientific Areas

Cognitive and Affective Neurosciences
Biopsychology of deviant behavior
Social neuroscience

Education and Development
Academic achievement
Contexts of development and learning
Vocational guidance



Human Relationships, Health and Well-being
Psychological intervention

Inclusion, Exclusion and Cultural Diversity
Intra/intergroup relations
Intercultural relations
Organizational processes
Deviant behavior
Work activity


Post-Graduation Office

Isabel Gomes

Course Direction

Félix Neto (Director)

Orlanda Cruz (Subdirector)