Psychology Doctoral Programme


Ongoing PhD projects since 2013



Perception of time and intertemporal decision making in psychopaths: A neuropsychophysiological study (1)

Diana Patrícia da Silva Dias Moreira

Fernando Barbosa

Mother-infant dyadic synchrony, infant self-regulation and attachment (2)

Jorge Fernando Pereira Sinval

João Marôco (ISPA)
Cristina Queirós
Sonia Pasian (Universidade de São Paulo Ribeirão Preto)

Individual and family predictors of the experience of loss and psychological adjustment of the adopted adolescent (2)

Joana Martins Gonçalves Lopes

Pedro Lopes Santos
Marina Fuertes

The development of Social Foundational Skills in early childhood: The effects of children relationships with Mother, Father and Teacher (2)

Raquel Fernanda Castro Barroso

Adelina Ducharne

Occupational health: Models and instruments (3) | Co-tutorship

Tiago Daniel de Sousa Ferreira

Teresa Leal
Joana Dias Cadima

Effects of family structure on sociopsychological well-being and school life of young people (3)

Marta Filipa Gomes Pinto da Costa

Félix Neto

Adaptation to breast cancer: Exploring the role of attachment and emotional regulation processes (3)

Tânia Raquel Pais Brandão

Paula Mena Matos
Marc Schulz (Bryn Mawr College, PA, EUA)

Study on prevalence and factors associated with suicidal behavior in street and inland prostitutes in urban areas (4)

José Alexandre Cordeiro Teixeira

Alexandra Oliveira



The contributions of International Education Schools to the challenges of a globalized society (2) | co-tutorship

Ana Isabel Vaz Prata

Carlos Gonçalves

Historical-social dimensions of psychological uncertainty and its relation to the meaning attributed to work - Vocational / professional development in times of uncertainty (2)

Mariana Sofia Lucas Casanova

Joaquim Luís Coimbra

Educational practices mediated by information and communication technologies: Teaching strategies for the development of resilience in students of a secondary school in Portugal (4)

Lucienia Libânia Pinheiro Martins

Anne Marie Fontaine 
Susana Coimbra
Sylvie Domingos Barrera (USP)

The mental health of the nursing technicians of the Provincial Hospital of Cabinda-Angola: Contours of the work-health-illness process (4)

Adriana do Nascimento Sita Gomes

Marta Santos
Liliana Cunha

Family dynamics and the experience of unemployment: Macroeconomic impact on social and gender differences (4) | co-tutorship

Joyce Cristina dos Santos Aguiar

Anne Marie Fontaine
Marisa Matias
Elizabeth Joan Barham (UFSCar)

Strategic planning model for educational guidance in primary and secondary schools in the province of Huambo in the Republic of Angola (4)

Maria Domingas Muetyivila

Jorge Negreiros

Game dependence: An epidemiological characterization (4)

Regina Maria Fernandes Coimbra

Jorge Negreiros



Social cognition in Mild Cognitive Impairment: Identification of neuronal correlates and evaluation of the efficacy of an intervention program with neurofeedback (1)

Joana de Melo e Castro Almeida Batista

João Marques-Teixeira
Fernando Ferreira-Santos

The impact of music training on reading and mathematical abilities of 8- to 9-year-old children: A behavioral and neuroimaging longitudinal study (1)

Marta Sofia Pinto Martins

Maria São Luís Castro
Christian Gaser

The impact of the perceptual-cognitive, psychomotor and psychosocial valences on the evaluation for the conduction of road traffic (1)

Sara Sofia Teixeira de Sousa Moreira

Fernando Barbosa

Conceptions and practices of nurses who work in primary health care on child and adolescent mental health: A study between Brazil and Portugal (2)

Anna Rosa e Souza Occhiuzzo

Marina Serra Lemos

Protection and risk factors of adoptive parenting: Stress and parental expectations and professional practices in adoption (2)

Isabel Sofia Silva Ferreira da Costa

Adelina Barbosa
Jesus Palácios

Parent support for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (2)

Vanessa Alexandra Ferreira Pereira

Teresa Leal

Development and implementation of a mobile application for self-management of illness in persons with psychotic disorders (3)

Ana Raquel Freitas Simões Almeida

António Marques (ESS-IPP)
Cristina Queirós

Religious beliefs and coping with traumatic events: The importance of Meaning Making (3)

Catherina Maria Madureira Jonsson

Leonor Lencastre

Association between spirituality and coping strategies of institutionalized elders and the community (3)

Ewerton Naves Dias

José Luís Pais Ribeiro

Perceived social support loneliness, and life satisfaction among the Palestinian University Students West Bank (3)

Falastin Ismail Mustafa Nazzal

Félix Neto
Orlanda Cruz

Contextual dimensions, quality of the relationship with the caregiver and self-determination among adolescents in residential care (3)

Mónica Raquel Saraiva da Costa

Catarina Pinheiro Mota
Paula Mena Matos

Brazilian socio-educational system: Contributions to its evaluation from a study in the state of Paraná (4)

Bárbara Bozza Martins

Jorge Negreiros

Different models of maternity and their implications: Motivations, expectations and realities of Portuguese mothers (4)

Filipa Monteiro César Ferreira

Anne Marie Fontaine
Alexandra Oliveira

Identities and speeches mobilized in situations of student displacement of Africans to Brazil and Portugal (4)

Luciana de Sousa Lima Soares

Conceição Nogueira



Relationship between hypoglycemia, cognitive function, and brain structure in type 1 diabetes: A longitudinal and interventional study (1)

Eduardo Aires Pereira Sepúlveda e Moura

Selene Vicente

Mild cognitive impairment: Neuropsychological characterization, structural correlates and analysis of clinical evolution. (1)

Helena Isabel Sousa Moreira

Selene Vicente

Consequence of mothers' behaviour on offspring cognition ability: The role of environment manipulation as strategy to reduce maternal anxiety (1)

Renata Daniela Lopes Alves

Fernando Barbosa
Ana Magalhães

Psychopathology in Portuguese children and young people in a residential setting - Study of the prevalence of emotional and behavioral problems, protection risk factors and follow-up strategies in the mental health care system (3)

Joana Campos Nunes Pereira

Adelina Barbosa
Pedro Dias

Conscious fertility: Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary intervention in reproductive health awareness (3)

Juliana Baptista Pedro

Maria Emília Costa
Mariana Martins

Development of family resilience in the context of pediatric palliative care (3)

Sandra Portela Alves

Anne Marie Fontaine
Catarina Grande

Stress and critical incidents in emergency medical prehospital operators (3)

Sónia Celeste Pereira da Cunha

Cristina Queirós

Exceptional human convictions and experiences: A look at social psychology and attachment theory (4)

Bruno Alexandre Gomes da Silva

Gabrielle Poeschl
Catarina Pinheiro Mota

Ethnographic review of psychotropic territories in western Porto (4)

Simão Pedro Mata Silva Ferreira

Luís Fernandes


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Course Direction

Félix Neto (Director)

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