Psychology Doctoral Programme

Presentation and goals

The Psychology Doctoral Programme – Psychology Research applied to Societal Issues (PDP-PRASI) offers a solid background in Psychology, providing future PhDs with specialized knowledge and skills to deal with current and future social challenges, thus contributing to long-term improvements in health, education and community. These challenges are often the starting points for innovative research and correspond to European priorities in scientific research in the field of social sciences.

The general objectives of the PDP-PRASI are:

– To create conditions for the development of innovative research within the framework of projects and research teams from the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto (FPCEUP) and the Centre for Psychology at the University of Porto (CPUP).

– To create opportunities for networking with national and international research centres and with community agents.

– To promote the dissemination and transfer of scientific knowledge through appropriate channels.

Governance and Management Bodies

Directive Board

External Evaluation Committee


Post-Graduation Office

Isabel Gomes

Course Direction

Félix Neto (Director)

Orlanda Cruz (Subdirector)